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We like to think that we are world famous in our own little way. McKenna's Cafe has been a staple of the Dorchester neighborhood for years. The formula is simple, we serve great food with good service. It just works and it'll have you coming back again and again.

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Reviewed by TK Boston on 10/12/2007

Great place for your standard American breakfast-- eggs, pancakes, waffles. The food can't be much better and the decor fits the place to a "T". The service-by-committee only works so well, as you may find yourself lost in the shuffle on a busy morning. This place is a can't-miss, but be prepared to wait for a seat as lines are out the door on weekend mornings. 


RAFoley1 on Mar 09, 2008

Great place for breakfast or lunch. This is a welcoming, unpretentious place with good American food. Close to the new Savin Hill T station.




Fresh Affordable McKenna's

McKenna's Cafe was opened in 1999 by Kathy and Bernie Goodman in the Savin Hill neighborhood of Dorchester. It quickly became a casual place for locals to come and eat and gather. The staff personifies the ideals of family-run business knowing everyone who walks through the door - whether growing up with their families or befriending them as soon as they walk through the door.

What people are saying...

chriswight says: "McKenna's has the best iced coffee I've ever had anywhere!"

Posted 2/28/2008

Catherine Goodman says: "great food and atmosphere. the service is not only friendly but, extremely professional"

Posted 5/31/2007

Shannon says: "Katie is the best waitress ever! They have the best breakfast and such good home fries
and eggs! Yummy!"
Posted 5/29/2007

Lauren says: "The food is always delicious and the service is superb!"
Posted 5/5/2007

Paulbrian C says: "It's quick! Great service! Excellent food!"

Posted 5/4/2007




McKenna's Cafe

This local favorite serves breakfast all day long with tasty options such as blueberry pancakes, hearty breakfast sandwiches, and plenty of baked goods. McKenna’s offers a casual, family friendly atmosphere. 



Not for Tourists

On Our Radar: So Real, So Right

Patrick Hellen on February 10, 2009

 In my very not humble opinion, some of the best words in the English Language are as follows: "Breakfast served all day long." In my never-ending quest for the perfect neighborhood breakfast, I keep finding more spots only locals know. McKenna's Cafe, a small jaunt off Dot Ave, is now in the running. Whenever you find yourself sharing counter space with a small platoon of local cops and firefighters, you know you're in a simple spot that does good food in large portions at reasonable prices, and without any expectations on you as the customer. My first attempt at eating at McKenna's was slightly delayed as the cook had called to say he was going to be late, so I busied myself with the coffee choices and studied the menu extensively. You've got your standby options of eggs and toast, your slightly more exotic Irish breakfasts, and the mecca of high maintenance, even crepes. Also, if you're looking for the new best breakfast item ever, four words: Sweet Potato Home Fries. The counter is huge, the waitresses chatty, the chef is apparently tardy, but you come once and you'll come again.