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Billy Costa's TV Diner-
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Best Breakfast Place in Boston Area, 2008 Boston's Hidden ResturantsBoston's Hidden Restaurants

The neighborhoods of Boston are chock full of local breakfast joints, and for our money, McKenna's Cafe in the Savin Hill neighborhood of Dorchester is one of the best of the lot. Friendly, quick, and cheap, McKenna's is the perfect place to go to on a Saturday or Sunday morning for some eggs, waffles, and pancakes, or perhaps a traditional Irish breakfast.

The sprawling Boston neighborhood of Dorchester sure seems to be an increasingly popular destination for restaurants these days. Great restaurants such as the Ashmont Grill, Shanti: A Taste of India, and Pho So 1 Boston attract people who ordinarily might not consider dining in this working-class section of Boston. And then there are the classic old Boston dining spots such as the Blarney Stone and CF Donovan's, which are frequented mainly by the locals. And add to this latter list a wonderful breakfast and lunch spot in Savin Hill (across the street from CF Donovan's, actually) that has been serving Dorchester folk for several years now, dishing out delicious meals to the people of this low-key neighborhood.

Upon entering McKenna's Cafe, one is instantly struck by its warmth and friendliness. Like a number of Dorchester restaurants, McKenna's is unpretentious, family-oriented, and closely tied to the neighborhood. Police officers, retirees, young couples, and groups of friends can be seen at McKenna's Cafe, eating stacks of pancakes, lean slices of Irish bacon, perfectly seasoned home fries, piles of corned beef hash, delicious bagels from Zeppy's, huge omelettes, and, at lunchtime, a variety of soups, salads, and sandwiches. Service is quick and friendly, and the prices are very reasonable for the amount of food served.

This writer has been to many good breakfast spots in Dorchester and other neighborhoods just south of Boston, including Gerard's in Adams Village and Doyle's in Jamaica Plain. But McKenna's Cafe may be the best of the lot. And in many ways, McKenna's is the ultimate hidden gem: A place that few people know about, but one which diners return to again and again once they find out about it. It may not be easy to find, but McKenna's Cafe is one breakfast place that is well worth seeking out.

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The Dorchester neighborhood in Boston has become a product of suburban, or urban, sprawl depending on where you live and how you look at it. Dorchester is also becoming a very popular area for dining establishment, one of the fastest growing hot spots for restaurants in Boston. Many great restaurants can be found in the area, the Ashmont Grill, C.F. Donovan's, and some other great international cuisine restaurants can all be found in the area. Because of Dorchester's status as a working class neighborhood, it doesn't usually attract to many visitors form other parts of Boston. The eclectic mix of restaurants here though, brings people from all over Boston who might not normally have any reason to come to Dorchester. There is a place called McKenna's Café that gives Boston residents on more excellent reason to come out to Dorchester, more particularly the Savin Hill section.

McKenna's has been located here for several years now, and they specialize in lunch and breakfast, in fact I'm pretty sure those are the only meals they serve. Of course some people, for example this writer, eat breakfast when most people eat lunch anyway. As soon as you enter McKenna's you are surrounded in hospitality. It is easy to tell the place is geared towards the family and has deep roots in the community. A quick look around and you can see your quintessential mix of neighborhood regulars; a young couple at the table by the wall, a couple blue-collar workers at the bar, and a family enjoying a meal together. Everyone in the neighborhood, and all of Boston for that matter can appreciate the cuisine served here at this humble café. Pancake stacks, hash browns, corned beef hash, Irish Bacon, and even bagels from a local bakery, can all be found on the plates of happy hard working Bostonians. And that's just for breakfast, the lunch menu here features a healthy selection of soup, salad, classic sandwiches and a few entrees, which are all served at prices that are as down to earth as the people who dine here.

Boston Best Bites Boston BestBites Restaurants 

McKenna's Café is a designated a Boston Best Bite restaurant because of its healthy cooking consciousness.  Several dishes have met the "Boston Best Bites" standards under a program that encourages restaurants to add heart-healthy options that are both low in fat and low in sodium. 

The Boston Best Bites program requires a restaurant to feature several healthy food options that follow heart healthy criteria, with each item highlighted on the menu. 

McKenna's café is honored to be accepted into the program and takes an active approach to customer health and well-being.